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Our concept: oversized! It started with a vision of developing an exclusive wristwatch for a modern watch generation and to inspire people for it. Quality, lifestyle and authenticity are attributes which describe our company and our product philosophy appropriately. After years of experience in the watch industry, we have developed this vision in 2008 and completed it. „HÆMMER“ significantly in expression, the name stands for values such as: stability, linearity and precision. The unique comfort, created by the technical innovation of a left-sided crown positioned watch makes a perfectly- shaped timekeeper. The laser-engraved serial number on all models underlines the exclusiveness of each individual watch.
Ladies Secrets
Ladies Secrets
Navy Diver
Navy Diver
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SNOON S1 - Black | SN-S1B-S1 SNOON S1 - Black | SN-S1B-S1
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STEINHART "Nav B-Chrono 44, with stainless steel bracelet" STEINHART "Nav B-Chrono 44, with stainless steel bracelet"
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